Monday, March 7, 2011

When creating something with my hands, I often think about
the past. Maybe because by knitting, we maintain a tradition created by those who lived before us.
Many old designs are very intricate, requiring very thin needles and fine yarn, to give room for a detailed artistic pattern.
While "struggling" my way through the old pattern on the mittens, I often think about how life was before, some generations back, when they really struggled to survive.
I found this beautiful picture from Telemark, in the attick in one of my grandfathers books. It is hard to immagine, how different life was before, on a mountain farm in Telemark, in a time when Norway was one of the poorest countries in Europe...
Many women back then knitted also to survive, by producing necessary clothing for their own family. In the mountain farms they survived on what they produced. There was also a lot of hard work with carrying water, and wood for heating, and a constant struggle with clearing snow during the long winters.I can picture a woman sitting in a dark log cabin, knitting in the faint light from a candle. She has spinned the yarn herself, from her own sheep wool. Her seven children are sleeping, and after a long day she must work with her knitting into the night.
Considering the conditions under which they lived, it's even more impressive that such beautiful and complicated patterns were created... although it was not for everyday use.
We must never forget our ancestors and their struggle, when today we can knit only for pleasure. By knitting old patterns, we honor and remember our ancestors, by bringing forward the cultural heritage they have given us ♥.


  1. Fascinating - saw your post on vogue knitting and came to check out your blog and it's lovely! Knitting indeed has such a strong history, it connects us to other mothers and grandmothers and centuries back. We feel this tradition a lot here in Italy.

  2. Oh, thank you ♥ !
    Yes, I feel the same.
    Knitting is a great tradition,and each country has it's own unique style.
    Knitting with your hands gives you this wonderful "back to basic" feeling,
    so rare nowadays in our high-tech world...

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