Monday, February 28, 2011

Magic Loop

So, I just started knitting mittens using the Magic Loop method...
This is a method not very well known in Scandinavia, at least I had never heard of it before I saw it on the internet...!
Magic Loop knitting makes it possible to produce very narrow tubular items, simply by using a large diameter circular needle.
It is so much easier than 4 needles, or small circular needles, and it's really fun :) although the pattern is sort of difficult.
I am using circular needles, about 31 inches long, and it feels great, it's really no problem at all.
This will definitely be my preferred method for small projects in the future. You can even knit miniature clothes for dolls using this amazing techninque!
Check out this link for a detailed video explanation:

1 comment:

  1. Trodde ikke jeg kunne den metoden der jeg, har hørt mye om det men tenkt at det var sikkert ikke lett.
    Mne jeg gjør faktisk akkurat sånn om jeg skal strikke luer f.eks å har for lang rundpinne.